Thursday, September 24, 2009

Secret project = good.

So much to do. Audra and I are hip deep in our new secret project and its going really well. the story is just falling together and the characters are a lot of fun. After this first draft its going to take another pass, maybe two, to make it fantastic, but we have our target for it, and all is well.

Why do we now have a target? Because not every publisher wants the same amount of sex, by way of frequency, depth of scene or language. Some pubs would rather a more surface style sex scene, while some of them want scenes where its as graphic as possible. Depending on the book we write, and the sex involved, depends on what publisher we target. For this book, theres a lot of sex, and in frequency, and its also a different kinda subject that I dont think anyone has done before. Both Audra and I are excited about this, and the last book that has written itself like this was the Inferi Dii novel and the first in the Keepers of Twilight series. Both books we love, but this is a bit different because the main characters in this series are a group of women. Yes, its new to us, but we are doing well with it, and I cant wait to send the first part to our CP.

Aside from that, we have the first Satyr book coming out on Monday, and are very nervous about it. We love the book, and I cant wait for our awesome readers (you) to read about our hottie hybrid Esben Chambers. OOh and dont forget the awesome contest we have going on for the release!

AAD is one month away, well about 29 days away, and Audra will be here on October 20th. I think Im more excited to see Audra then for AAD, though dont tell anyone, LOL. Its been far too long since I have seen my sister, so this is going to be a real treat for the both of us. The week that shes here I dont expect any writing to happen, but I do expect to be talking about the new books and the books for the other series that have to be outlined. That Im looking forward to. And taking lots of pictures for the baby book. LOL, the Ninja will have been to the states before its born. So cool.

As for AAD, its going to be awesome. Readers will FINALLY get to meet Audra, and she will finally get to meet the readers. Shes excited for that, and to sign the new book we have out, Masquerade, at the event, as Oscar is her favorite character that we write. We both really love that book. And the goodies we will be giving out at our mini event are awesome, and it will be great to hangout with people that like our world as much as we do.

So I'm off to finish this scene, and get back to outlining the rest of the secret project. Have a great weekend everyone, and dont forget about the release on monday!

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