Friday, December 18, 2009

Another fantastic review! I cant believe it!

Entwined by Fate is coming out a month from tomorrow, and the reviews are winging in! I'm so damn excited about this, I mean We have been scared and worried for so long that this book wouldn't be liked, but as it is, there's a HUGE population of readers out there that want to read this book and are intrigued by the idea of weresnakes as a race in romance. I'm feeling so good about this, hopeful that this book will do what Audra and I hoped it would.

Anyway, we have a new review, and its a Recommended Read! *Happy dancing about the condo*

S.A. Price has written a winner! The taut plot line and the constant danger lurking at every corner increase the tension as the reader anxiously turns the pages. S.A. Price does a marvelous job at integrating subplots and smoothly fitting all of the pieces together. The secondary romances developing within the plot line make the happily-ever-after all the more satisfying. Brilliant!

You can read the full review HERE.

And the awesome Kimi Alexandre did a cool little podcast with me the other day and I explained a lot about the series for readers, to insure then that the book isn't gross, creepy or overly snakey. go and listen, comment and maybe win our Knossos West weresnakes trilogy in e book. Yes, tis the season for giving and We like to give.

to celebrate this release we are going to be doing some awesome full week festivities on some of our freinds blogs, as well as new friends blog and review blogs. Not only will there be interviews and reviews, but we are giving away a TON of goodies. Mugs, t shirts, tote bags, cover flats, magnets, bookmarks, key chains, free print books and e books as well! the party starts on January 14th and you will have tons of chances to win goodies and help us celebrate the release of this unique and different book!

So stay tuned, and Happy holidays to all!

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Larissa said...

YAY!!! Im an so happy for you darling... you and Audra totally deserve it!!!

just added the countdown for the book to my blog LOL adding the Team weresnakes now hehe

Luv ya!