Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Weresnakes are Sssexy! Help us prove it!

Please help us spread the word for this awesome and innovative book! Releasing January 19th, this book breaks boundaries on what shifters should be and gives readers something they have been craving: something new, fresh and wild to sink their teeth into! Weresnakes are Sssexy.. Help us prove it!

Please grab this sprout and stick it on your blogs, FB or anywhere you can, And if your a blogger looking to review the book, I have a few PDF copies left.

And if you post here in comments where you post this sprout, for every place you post Ill give you one entry for the Entwined by Fate goodie pack which includes a Tshirt, Totebag, Mug, notebook, playing cards a signed poster and two print copies of other books we have!

So help us get the word out and win!


Karen Michelle Nutt said...

Love the book cover! In years past, vampires and werewolves were horror monsters. Now the blood sucking fiends and scary werewolves are the romantic leads in a story?

Why can't a sssexy hunk be a weresnake? Can't wait to read this one.

M Barnette said...

I wrote immortal serpents as heroes, and the book has sold well, no reason that weresnakes shouldn't sell too.

Unknown said...

Weresnakes are verrrrra sexy!

s7anna said...

I love the idea of weresnakes...I see nothing wrong with it...I've read stories with were-scorpions and so many other shifters...I'm eager to try it out. The book cover is very sexy indeed.

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By the way, I would love to review the book and post on my blog. Let me know if there are any more available copies. :)

Happy Holidays
Anna Shah Hoque

Anna said...

Love Weresnakes!

I posted the sprout on my sidebar. :)


Phoenix Lyons said...

Weresnakes sound sexy and erotic! Can't wait to read this!

SharonJM said...

The premise of this book is great and I say, Bring it on. January, hmmm, don't want to wait.

SiNn said...

This is something i deff wanna read dont see how this cna be a risk its astep foreward in to something besides witches and weres fea and vamps a long time ago even those were a risk ic ant wait tor ead this and id love to review it on myblog if theres any pdfs left

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SiNn said...


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SiNn said...

just posted on my tagged account as well will be writing a blog post later to add to the post i did with the sprout


rm2h said...

It is nice to be able to read something other then bears, wolves & cats. I do not see a lot of others such as the snakes that you both write about, birds and I have seen a Wereraccoon used once. I just bought the 4th book in the Eververse series. It is refreshing to read something new.

Skylar Sinclair said...

Anything can be sexy, and you two have proved that with your Weresnake series. I know, I have read them all. If you haven't read this series yet...What the heck are you waiting for? Run out and grab this sensual and very well-written series of the Weresnakes. I loved them!

Skylar Sinclair

Nancy G said...

Love the cover. I would be happy to review the book for you if you still have copies left. I've never thought about snake shifters, but I love dragons, so it is the same family.

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