Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gift baskets!

OK so I took some pictures of the gift baskets for RT, and figured I would show them off as Im seriously proud of myself. So ready?

The Love's Immortal Pantheon basket, which includes 2 signed print books (Vol. 1 and 2) a notebook, totebag, 2 candles, special book cover, tshirt and a TON of other goodies from the contributing authors of the LIP series.

The Total E Bound basket with books, a totebag and t-shirts from Carol Lynne, Stella and Audra Price and Victoria Blisse.

the Ophidian weresnake basket which includes A blanket, mug, tshirt, totebag, hot cocoa, a custom candle from Studio 3b(citrus and merlot scent, OMG heaven)and reader journal

My Saturday Signing basket with 4 of our backlist in it, a pair of earrings, a tshirt and other goodies (you can win this one at the Signing Saturday at my table. if your going to RT, stop by and enter!)

A bookseller basket for the booksellers from Tease Publishing LLC (10 print books and other goodies)

Not pictured: 2 bookseller baskets from me and audra (each has out entire backlist, totebag and tshirt)

Nice stuff right? I have OODLES OF promo stuff too. Pins, tea bags, magnets, stickers, bookmarks bookthongs... I went nuts. ooh and if your going to RT, if you find me, and mention this post (Hi Stella, I read your gift basket post!) I'll give you a special goodie!


Jennifer Mathis said...

aww what about us unforuants that aren't getting to go?
Really you did a great job and fancy packing nice

Carol L. said...

Your baskets are amazing, especially that Bookseller and Ophidian basket. sniff...sniff. Oh well, I have to try to for next year.:)
Nice job.
Carol L.

Sarah said...

Those baskets look amazing! I wish I lived in the US & could come to RT LOL :o)