Wednesday, April 21, 2010

RT craziness is upon me!

Well on Tuesday at midnight I will be leaving to drive to Columbus Ohio for the RT convention. Im going to be BUSY BUSY BUSY! Wanna know what Im doing?

1215 to 1245 Ill be doing the Tease Publishing Spotlight because it got changed over, and Tabby (tease's publisher) wont be there till 2. If you are curious about Tease, pop by, get some info and maybe some goodies.

Im doing the panel "How to have a career by yourself while conspiring with someone else" at 345-445 with the Awesome Mechele Armstrong and Melissa Lopez. Very excited about it. If things work out right, I'll have Audra on webcam for the panel so she can get in on it too.

If your an author, or a fan of goodies, pop by the Promotional panel from 5-6 with Bianca D'Arc and some other authors. We will be talking about getting your promotional goodies really cheap and great quality.

on Thursday Im going to be on the TEB table in club RT from 2-3. Stop by and get some goodies (magnets and postcards). Dont forget to sign up for the goodie baskets we have in Club RT if your going. Ill have a weresnake basket, there will be a Pantheon basket for the Love's Immortal Pantheon books, and there will be a TEB basket with books, tshirts, and totebags in it!

ON friday I have a great panel Im on, Building Paranormals from the Ground up with Bianca D'Arc, Patrice Michelle, Angie Fox, Rebecca York and Kathy Kulig. Ill be talking about All our work, but mainly about our singular series, our Ophidian weresnakes.

I have some appointments also that morning (wish me good luck!) and then we have a wicked party in Club RT from 230-330 where you can win free books, tshirts and get tons of goodies you wont find anywhere else from myself, Bianca D'Arc, Tilly Greene, Judi Fennell, Elizabeth Darvill and Stephanie Julian. So much good stuff!

Ooh and if your going to the Expo, stop at the Tease table! we are giving away free books and goodies to the first 50 people visiting us!

On Saturday Ill be signing at the booksigning, so if your there, rock by my table, buy one of my books and enter to win our backlist basket, including 4 books, tshirts, jewelry and lots of other goodies! I cant wait to see everyone!

Yes. I have a lot im doing, and then throw in the parties and events... WOOO...

So find me, grab a WERESNAKES are SSSEXY! pin and help support a new subject that needs to get out there! Im also giving away lots of fun goodies if you find me. And Elizabeth Darvill and I are going to be the cutest chicks at RT this year. Our costumes and day clothes are amazing and completely original they will be hard to top LOL. So excited. I cant wait to show everyone our awesome steampunk outfits and costumes for the parties!

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