Friday, July 16, 2010


So due to life getting in the way, I need a new executive assistant for AAD. This is such a last minute thing for me, and I am having enough problems going on with out of the blue issues that I dont have the time to really LOOK for one. So Im going to put the call out here.

WANTED: Executive Assistant to the Director, Authors After Dark

Organizational skills
ability to think on your feet
Self starter

Duties to include:
keeping the director (me) on task
Helping with the door prizes
Patrolling and watching the Charity baskets
seeing to the Panels and the needs of the moderators
Helping to decorate and set up for meals

Thursday Sept 16- Sunday 19th (to help set up and get books squared away)

Comped Registration and Free room. TONS of free books and goodies, Staff Tshirt...

Yes, I know I said we weren't comping the con for anyone, but because the Assistant is pretty much what boils down to the on site director (so I'm able to be there as an AUTHOR as well as staff)....

candidates need to really be organized and make me feel like I couldnt LIVE without you being there. You need to be motivated, truthworthy and a people person.

You think you can rock this? Email me at blueflamesabove AT yahoo[dot] com with your credentials and why you think I should pick you.

Go forth, and please forward this blog post to anyone you think might be able to do it.

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Larissa said...

That would be PERFECT for me! Just emailed you! =)