Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lots going on...

Still interviewing assistants. AAD stuff is almost in the bag, and Im getting ready for a solid month of writing before AAD. I have other things to do in between, but anyone that knows me knows that writing takes up about 75% of my day when Im in a writing groove. I have things that need finishing to send out on submission, and Audra and I have to outline two more books.

Im excited to see her in Sept. It will be good to hangout with her, and to see my nephew. We will be celebrating two awesome things. One, the new release with Total E Bound, To Collar and Keep, and the convention only release of FOREVER SHADOW. These are for the cons only, and you can get them at ConTEXT, AAD, AlbaCon and Collingswood Book Festival. Ok... and Im going to give a few copies away here on the bloggy in August... Can you say.. Scavenger hunt? LOL

Time to get back to writing. I have tons to do.

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