Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Updates! I swears I have them!

Well I have picked an assistant, Monica S. Shes going to be my non insane arm at the event, working on making sure the attendees are happy, and everything runs smoothly. Shes also a fantastic book blogger, so shes really ingrained in the romance community. I feel really good about my choice.

AAD stuff is almost done. We got the programs yesterday, and they look awesome! They were printed by and I swear Im going to use this company for everything from now on. They were one of those places that didnt give me problems, and with all the insanity this year, I needed hassle free.

Speaking of Hassle Free, This past weekend we went to Mohegan Sun with friends for a little R and R. It was fun. We had dinner at Tod English's Tuscany, went shopping at LUSH and did a little gambling. I do love Roulette, Ooh and I actually WON something on the penny slots.

And I got to dress up. I dont dress up a lot when going out but this time I was like, well, Might as well. The dress i got from and the corset from another vendor. Dress is OMG comfy. Pick it up if you can.

Im working on getting ready for CONTEXT in two weeks. Finishing some outfits, getting my books together, and scant promo and for the first time in a LONG time, getting my table decor together as well. So if your coming to CONTEXT stop into the Vendor rooms, Ill be there with a bunch of the girls...

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