Monday, August 23, 2010

Con season starts once again

Well I'm 4 days out from CONTEXT in ohio. This year is going to be awesome, I'll have not only my con staple of Ash with me, but Tilly, Jolynne and Elizabeth with me as well. This is my relax con, where I can just hangout, do my panels and drink a whole hell of a lot. Context is always fun, and this year I'm on several panels including Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy, and a few odd ones I cant quite remember. If your in the area, pop by Saturday, 1130am. It's the Mass signing and theres a TON of authors coming. Should be fun. Ooh and if your lucky, you can get some of our books at a insane discount.

On the 1st Im going into NYC for a book release event, Michele Lang's Lady Lazarus. WOO. what a beautiful cover and I cant wait to get my signed copy. I'll be reading it while away... more on that in a minute.

AAD is on the horizon as well. Quite excited about it, and happy to have everything working out, even if it has been a long hellish road. From staff not coming to hotels being a bunch of retards, this year has proved challenging. I just hope we live up to the awesome that was last year. And theres the open to the public book signing on September 18th from 2-4pm. Pop down, meet authors and get your books signed!

I have a book signing coming up on the 25th of September as well. Middletown NY, 2-4pm. Maybe. We will see.

October 2nd is the Collingswood Book festival. Very excited, as always, to do that event. Sadly Tilly and Cat wont be in attendance, but that's ok, we will try to make our own fun.

AlbaCon is the week after that, and I'm excited to go with Kay to hangout with all our friends. Ill be running a workshop called "Being your own publicist" and teaching authors how to set up signings and events, and cultivate relationships with booksellers and venues. and Im on a fuck ton of panels as well. It should be a good time, especially with the booksigning.

And then, on October 16th I leave for a week to go to South Carolina, or more specifically, Hilton Head Island. We are doing a week long vacation with Joe's parents, and also looking for houses! Thats right we are taking the plunge into real estate, and looking into buying our first home together. So wish us luck we find something the size we want. Then all yall can come visit. I'm a fabulous cook.

And then When i get home, I have one more event: Lady Jane Salon on November 1st! It will be my first reading event in AGES so if you wanna see me fumble through my words, please stop in. More as it comes.

Ok so thats it on my side. Audra and I are working on Book three of the dragon elementals, Moongardens. Im hopeful it will be out early 2011.

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