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Holiday Sneak Peek: Leather and Moonshine

Ok so Im posting an un-edited excerpt from Leather and Moonshine, the long awaited 5th Evererse book, about everyone's favorite bad boy demon, Drake. This scene is pretty self explanatory... So Ill let you decide...

Enid Balfour was on the prowl for a very specific prey.

She watched her prey walk out from the back room of Tithe and her body clenched in all the right places. He looked delicious, his jeans molded to his body, his white button up shirt half open, the sleeves rolled up his forearms, his jacket slung over his shoulder.

The man was physical perfection, his short dark hair done in a messy style, his brown eyes penetrating everything he looked at. She knew they were intense, and longed to have them trained on her.

The club was heavy with the scents of pipe smoke, tobacco, hashish and forgotten inhibitions. Enid sat in an inconspicuous corner, watching what passed for the singles scene. So many people, just settling for what looked good through a pair of alcohol rimmed eyes, only to wake up and regret the night before. She had been through it herself, for many, many years, and satisfaction was ever elusive. So she had taken to watching the singles scene, and not being a part of it, that is until recently, when her interest in the chase was sparked once more.

Sipping her drink, she took it all in. The bar itself was crowded, women wearing less than they should pressed up close to men who wouldn't remember their names come an hour from now, all in hopes of finding prince charming. It rarely happened, she saw the same women in here night after night, sometimes happy, most still searching. She watched the men, all looking for one thing, and it’s not the girl to take home to mom. She recalled what a French witch once told her.

"Enid, the guys at the meat markets aren't looking for a girl to take home to mommy, they are looking for the ever eager woman to take home for the night and forget in the morning. They know damn well they can find the marrying kind at church, or at the library."

She had laughed, and agreed, thinking that her friend was right, that she’d never find what she was looking for at some place as public as a nightclub. That was until she noticed the demon.

He was swarthy, and arrogant, and sexy, and she heard stories in the ladies room from a number of women that had fallen for his charms that he was exactly what she was looking for. Pretty and possibly deadly, the demon was in the club frequently, as if only on the prowl. She had been coming since she noticed him and had been waiting for the right time to approach him. That time was tonight.

She watched him walk into the club proper and beeline to the bar to order his drink. The bartender, the epitome of Goth girl, gave him a beer and pushed her cleavage up and out a little more, probably trying to either entice him into an indiscretion, or get a bigger tip. Odds are it was the former.

Well, E, time to make your move.

She got up from the table and snapped her fingers, changing her outfit to a slinky black wrap dress and black stiletto ballerina tie heels and walked over to where he was standing, taking in the scene and not looking directly at anyone.

It took him a second or two to notice her but once her did his eyes never left her. Her body that was, although he eyed up every inch of her most thoroughly he didn't even spare a glance at her face.

“Ah ah, Eyes up here sexy.” She purred. “Though watching them bug outta your head is encouraging. I think it’s about time you and I had an introduction.”

"I bet you do sweetheart." His eyes moved up to her with a seductive glare. "Though I’ll tell you I don't really need to know your name. I’ll just forget it by tomorrow." He leaned back against the table tilting the beer to his lips his eyes defying her to be offended.

At least he was honest. “Suit yourself then,” she smiled and motioned to the bartender for a drink. “Shame though. Its contingent on so many things.”

"Things?" He asked curiously.

“Mmm.” She turned and leaned her back against the bar and stretched, her breasts pushing up and out of her dress seductively. “Yes, especially things like you making good on those hard fuck promises in your eyes.” She turned her head and licked her lips. “Though if I’m misreading the ‘come hither and fuck me’ look I’m getting from you please say so.”

"No misreading going on peaches. If you’re after a deep hard fuck then your well on your way."

“I should hope so, otherwise this dress would have been wasted on tonight. So?” she grabbed her tequila shot and downed it in one, no lime or salt.

"So let's find somewhere we can go and get naked, quickly." He took her hand pressing it to his erection. "And I’ll give you what you need."

“Of course you will, Drake. And you’ll do it all night wont you?” she smiled and squeezed his groin. “My place isn’t far, Should we take my car?" she produced a set of keys from thin air, "Or port there?”

"I’ll do it till I'm well and truly satisfied...” he frowned. “Port?"

She smirked. “Umm well then…” she looked him up and down and rolled her fingers on his groin again. “Though we aren’t going anywhere till you ask me my name. Don’t you want to know what you’ll be growling most of the night?” Enid slipped her tongue out, running the tip of it across her top lip. She cocked her head. “So the car, or a quick port… as in teleporting. Though I’m sure your kind calls it blinking through the lines. What’s it going to be?”

"We'll port." He said studying her again his nostrils flaring ever so slightly. "You can do the honors pet. If you want to tell me your name I won't stop you."

“See that’s not the same as asking Drake… but since you kept the sneer out of your voice, I’ll tell you. My name is Enid.” She smiled. “And I think we should move off to a dark corner, I don’t flaunt my powers.”

"Oh I don't mind you can flaunt anything you want peaches."

“Ummm true, but I don’t feel like getting stalked later for a little some from unwanted people.” She pulled her hand away from his groin and then hooked her fingers into the band of his pants and tugged, turning her body as she stalked seductively towards the darker side of the club, towards the doors that lead to the private rooms.

"You know," he grinned following her. "We could always take a back room without getting too personal."

She shook her head. “What I have in mind needs some specifics, and they don’t have them here.” She grinned. “Nervous?”

"Of what?" He asked puzzled.

She grinned and moved closer and nipped his bottom lip. “Hold on tight baby.” She closed her eyes and ported them from the bar to a rather swank living room, complete with leather couches, a flat screen liquid crystal television and a monochromatic color scheme. The walls were white, the couches were black and all the throw pillows and carpet were gray.

He looked around gathering his bearings. "Nice." He said sounding genuinely impressed.

“Thanks. Make yourself at home Demon.” She grinned.

"Oh I plan to." He grinned taking a seat, his feet on the table. "And just what exactly are you darling?"

“Now lover, you’re a smart Demon I’m sure you can figure it out. How many races do you know of that teleport?” she grinned. “Can I get you something to drink?”

"I know a lot of races. Pour me a scotch."

Enid walked over to him and grinned, then snapped her fingers and produced a rocks glass of scotch that she held out to him. “Need more hints?”

He stared dumbly at her. "Ummm…?”

Enid laughed and lightly pushed the hand with the scotch to the side and slid into his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Well I’m not a demon. This lavender and light blue in my hair? Is real, not a dye job. And I was already old when you started kicking around the earth…” she grinned. “Need more?”

"A name would be good. Sweetheart I could name six different races I know that could do that... I try not to be presumptuous."

“Wise.” She said and moved in, ghosting her lips over his. “I think I’ll let you figure it out then.” She nipped at his bottom lip and wiggled on his lap.

"That suits me." He kissed her back pressing his mouth to hers.

He felt like heaven underneath her, all power and possession just raging under the surface. She knew that what she was doing, being so bold with him, was getting under his skin. I'm sure he likes to be in charge and this, I’m probably setting his teeth on edge.

“So I am looking for a good time Drake, a very specific good time. Think you can give it to me?” she ground into him and slipped her hands under the collar of his shirt. His skin was cold, deliciously so, and her nipples hardened as it transferred to her. Bone cold, the kind that seeps into you and holds on, Drake threw it off in sensual waves. Humans wouldn’t really pick up on it, but Enid was already attuned to his biorhythms, and wanted to find out just how far he would go. If the rumors were true, then she was going to be in for one hell of a night.

"Specific?" He took her wrists in one hand crushing them almost to the point of pain. "Your all about specifics aren't you peaches?"

She moaned and shivered. “Ummm I am. Why don’t I show you what I’m talking about?” she let her eyes slip closed and shuddered.

He chuckled, the sound vibrating through her. "Why don't you?"

Enid opened her eyes and slipped back off his lap and crooked her finger at him. He got up and followed her, growling as she accentuated her sway of her hips as she walked to a black door. She moved to the side and presented the knob to him. “Open.”

He arched his eyebrow cockily at her then shrugged to himself before reaching for the doorknob and opening it. Enid stood to the side of the doorframe as Drake walked into her playroom. He appraised the manacles on the wall, the small rack she had against another wall, and the steel table taking up some of the expanse of the room. The far wall was covered in cupboards, the doors of them see through, her smaller toys, floggers and whips on display. He walked to the center of the room and stood above the drain and then looked at her.

“How is this for specifics?”

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