Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stella's top 10 hotties of 2010 (contest!)

Ok well Lemme start by saying this was a good year for hotties. Second let me say that I have a very skewed vision on hotness. So Imma give you guys my top ten for hot, because Oh la la, I feel like tellin everyone.

10. Norman Reedus: Ok he was in Boondock Saints: All Saints Day as Murphy and he did an awesome cameo in The Walking dead as the redneck Darryl. LOVE HIM!

9. Bradley Cooper: Yummy in the A team. the only reason why I watched that flick.

8. Jensen Ackles: Supernatural goodness. Yes, I am totally Team Dean!

7. Tom Felton: DRACO! DRACO! DRACO! LOL. love me some bad guy, and Tom Felton rocks my favorite this year.

6. Garrett Hedlund: Yummy Sam Flynn from TRON: LEGACY. The movie rocked and there was nothing wrong with seeing him in his skin tight outfit the entire time. Made it 100% better.

5. Adrien Brody: ok 2010 was his year for hot. Splice and Predators made me drool over his oddness, but WOW did he become hot.

4. Ian Sommerhalder: Oh poor misunderstood Damon. My favorite vamp of the year, hes the reason I tune in every week. Yummo

3.James Purefoy: slipping from his top slot this year, only because Im still sour that I havent seen Solomon Kane. I will though, and the man makes me weak in the knees.

(And ladies will you LOOK at that package? Woof)

2. Doc Hammer: OMG. YUMMY. Epitome of my geek girl crush. Wow oh wow. For those of you who dont know, Doc does the Venture Brothers Cartoon that i LOVE LOVE LOVE

1. Sasha Roiz: I dont think anything needs to be said about this one, look at his fine ass LOL. Completely yummy, he made me drool over gay gangster Sam Adama on Caprica. And THIS is #2 reason why Im sour Syfy canceled Caprica (#1 being that it was the BEST damn show on TV.)

Well there you have it... Comments? Questions? Well list your favorites here, Ill pick one person at random and they will get a cool christmas present of choice of our backlist in e book! So, go forth and drool my lovies...



Stella (Ex Libris) said...

Haha, I agree with some of your choices, loved watching Bradley in the Hangover, Jensen is drop dead yummy, and Damon is the reason I watch the Vampire Diaries too! :-p But for mr No.1 would have to be James Purefroy, that man is GORGEOUS! sex on legs! yum :-D

Stella Price said...

Normally he is... I have a seriously insane obsession with him, but seeing as I didnt see anything with him IN it this year, he got dropped back to three (Normally would have been #2, but Doc Hammer is my geek girl crush...)

But Purefoy is by far the over all fave (and did you SEE that picture? GOOD LORD i wanna lick him.)

Cath's Chatter said...

OMG...some yummy eye candy there. I totally agree with your choices for Ian Somerhalder and Jensen Ackles, but some of my other faves are
Andy Whitfield....Spartacus
Misha Collins....Cas on Supernatural
Sonny Bill Williams.... plays rugby for the All Blacks
Joe Manganiello....Alcide on True Blood (those abs!!!! awooo)
Adam Lambert (that boy is SO HOT)

Cath's Chatter said...

LOL just been catching up on some TV and was inspired to add to my hotness list
Joshua Jackson...Peter on Fringe
Mark Salling...Puck on Glee

Jen B. said...

What a great list! I have always loved Adrian Brody. It took me a while to get used to that body. I can't think of anybody I would add. It will hit me in the middle of the night and it will drive me crazy!

mbreakfield said...

I'm Team Dean, too, and I love Ian Somerhalder and James Purefroy. I would add Richard Armitage, Ewan Macgregor, Gerard Butler, and Craig Ferguson.


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