Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Books for reviews!

Ok so I have been checking some things out recently... and realized that while we have been selling a nice amount of books recently NO ONE is reviewing anything. Well that's Just Poo. See, what readers don't understand is that reviews (reader reviews) DO HELP SELL BOOKS. Most readers will go and review the big NY published books, but what about the ones that REALLY need the reviews to make sure sales keep up, IE: the Small press author?

So in an attempt to get our name out there more, I'm going to offer up books for review, free of charge! So whats the catch... Read on.

1. If you take the book, you MUST review it either on Amazon, ARe, TEB (if applicable), Siren(If Applicable) and BN.com. This REALLY does help authors sell books.
2. If you have a bloggy, you MUST post there as well.
3. If you happen to post on ARe, PLEASE rate the book. Ratings help the authors sell books by getting on the Top Reader Rated list.

Can you do any and or all of that? Well contact me! For every book you take I ask that you try to get them out before the end of the month (cuz then its not like your agreeing to review, your just taking a free book otherwise)

This is the list of books up for reviews... You can take as many as you want, but PLEASE only take what you can review:

Sugar and Sin
Silk and Steel
Frost and Flame
Your Burn Me
Of Crimson and Collars
To Collar and Keep
Fire In His Eyes
Deep Water
Astoroth: Her Last Sin
Hot Rio Nights
Beyond the Vision of Dreams
Surrender in Moonlight
A Gift of Daybreak
Entwined by Fate
The Soft Edge of Midnight

Stella writing as Dagmar Avery:(short stories)
A Hellion of the Skies (Steampunk)
Becoming Persephone (Erotic gods)
Looking Glass Lover (Erotic gods)
All the Pleasures the Skies have to Offer (Erotic gods)

So email me at Stella@stellaandaudra.com and Tell me what you want... and lets get the ball rolling!

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