Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Rhys' rock star book...

So Audra and I are working on Rhys' book while we are working on other things that are taking precedence. Its been good, getting 500 words here 250 words there with this story, and its coming along nicely.

For those that don't know, Rhys' book is about a rock star on tour that happens to be able to see dead people. yes, Rhys is a medium. Anyway, he and his band are on their first full US tour and Rhys decides that seducing his tour manager (yes, it is a woman) is one hell of a pass time on the road, and pursues her, to the point of forgetting about the woman hes loved and suffered for for so long, his long dead Phaedra. Well Phaedra isn't having any of that, shes of the mind that he should suffer greatly and doesn't want him to be happy, least of all with a girl shes extremely jealous of.

Yes. Clusterfuck. I am loving writing this book. Anyway, With this one, because its about a rockstar and life on the road (and YES, I can write about it with authority, Its what I did for a living for 5 years...) I was thinking of adding in the play lists we used to write it... Since Rhys and the band are not Rock and Roll in the most pure sense, they are a Emo core band from NOLA, a lot of readers done know squat about that lifestyle or the kinda music it really is... So I'm thinking of adding a play list in at the beginning to help readers get into the story, and even help them find some new music they will probably love.

So as readers, do you like extras like that in books?

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