Friday, September 16, 2011

Last day in SC...

So I'm finally coming up for air while on vacay to post. It has been the busiest vacation I have ever had, and that's a damn good thing. We managed to hit Savannah and see the hotels for AAD 2013, so now its just a question of who gets the bid. they were all faboo, and everyone was super nice, I wish i could pick them all, but Sadly (and sorta not sadly) AAD will never be DragonCon size... So that's out.

I leave tomorrow in the AM for NY and normal life once again, maybe with some new surprises and such. It was good to get away, even if I didn't do much relaxing while here. I'll hopefully have some great news coming up, so stay tuned... LOL.

So today is some writing that needs to be done, or my agent will beat me senseless, some art that needs done for clients and then (blessedly) shopping at Coligny! YAY! I can finally finish shopping!

So stay tuned everyone... Good, fun, and exciting news to share soon!

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