Sunday, August 28, 2011

And the fall comes...

Sorry I haven't been posting here as much as I want to, but Stella is busy busy busy these days!

Its almost September, and I'm gearing up to leave on Wed for ATL and DRAGONCON for a week, so excited to be going this year, and hanging out with Joanna and Carol and Jess. I haven't seen the girls in ages, literally AGES. Its been too long and we are going to tear shit up. Oh and I'm on the WriteSEX panel friday night at 10pm... So if your going stop by and see me.

Then I come home and hangout for three days, which will give me just enough time to do laundry and repack, because I leave on the 9th to drive south to South Carolina for a week with the in-laws. So excited that Brandi will be coming this time, so we can hangout, hot tub and drink a lot. I need some time to relax and just read and write with Audra and that's what I'm hoping I will be able to do.

AAD2012's registration opens on the 6th, so I'm trying to get all the clerical done for when I'm away so we wont have to worry about it either way. I know everyone is seriously excited about NOLA (I am too) so i cant wait to get the ball rolling.

And while I'm in Hilton Head, I'll be checking out the Savannah properties for the 2013 con. I'll be posting about it, along with pictures, on the AAD blog when I'm down there.

Hopefully we will have some news in the coming weeks... so stay tuned...

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