Tuesday, August 09, 2011

AAD this week!

hey everyone!

Well I'm leaving in about an hour to leave for the 3 hour trek to Philadelphia to start the now chaos of AAD Philly. I wish I was more excited about this year, but all the bullshit with the hotel as sucked the joy out of this year for me. Seriously? Do yourselves a favor and NEVER use a Hilton to do ANY events. AT ALL. This has been a nightmare, well at least the past 4 weeks has been.

I wish I could say I am determined to make the best of it but I'll be on edge all week. I am looking forward to the signing on Saturday. No matter what happens, I do love meeting readers and talking to people. So if your coming to the signing on Saturday (2-4 Ormandy Ballroom) Stop by and see me, say hi, maybe pick up a book, and let me know the signing rocks.

Im sure there will be lots of pictures and insanity online as AAD has free wifi for its guests and the Guidebook app. Check about on FB and twitter for all the madness. I might know Im going to have a fucked week... but everyone else will have the time of their lives.

See you this week!


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Robin K said...

Please do not hesitate to ask for help Stella. xoxoxoxo