Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Updates from the front lines...

Ahoy everyone!

I have been very busy with AAD and all that its been hard to update anything. So i have some time now, so lemme get down to it.

Its been an INSANE couple of months. May was a blur as was June. July was tons of insanity as well... Needless to say, I cant remember much. I know I went to MARCON in there at some point. On that trip Leanna Renee Hieber and I got really drunk with Rosemary Laurey and I was on a panel about the Walking Dead. I dont remember much except I came home with a GIANT Cthulhu from the vendor room.

We went to the beach in there as well. I got drunk with our friend Kelly and played at the waterpark. I really need pictures of these things.

So in book news, we have submissions out with our Awesome Agent, so we are waiting on answers. its been pins and needles around here. Something cool though, We are on KINDLEGRAPH! Thats right those of you with Kindle's can have US sign your books of ours on there.

Check us out HERE

So AAD is next week and I'm still up to my ass in con problems. Sadly Audra will not be attending, but I will be there and I have tons of awesome goodies to giveaway. Come and see me on my panels and Ill be a Steam Court author under my Dagmar Avery guise. I plan to do a lot this year... and if your NOT coming to the con, COME TO THE SIGNING! Saturday the 13th from 2-4 at the Ormandy Ballroom at the Doubeltree Hotel, 237 South Broad St. the signing is FREE to the PUBLIC!

And the Steam Ball is open to the public too!

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