Monday, October 02, 2006

CURSIVE and Ideas..

So i went with Joe and Andy, the Cheat and his two little friends to see CURSIVE last night in NYC. Needless to say it was a wonderful and powerful show... And Ooh i got to see Men Women and Childern too... LOVE THEM.

Anyways we walked around the city a while and i got tired (DUH) but i alwso got a slew of ideas for new short stories... hehe... And damn if they werent powerful ideas.

So for those of you interested, our second snake book has been pushed back.. which sucks but since we havent gotten edits yet i suppose thats ok. Still my nerves are wracked. And Friday is the NJRWA hangout with Miss Bianca.. so that should be fun.. i need a night out away from the boys. Im looking forward to it. Ooh not to mention i got TONS of goodies for the signing day... All you awesome authors who send me stuff to fill the bags... thanks so much. they are full to brimming and i got extras of a lot of things. RWA wont know what hit them. LOL.

As for an update with Soft Edge... Well we are at 85k and stopped. We had a bad week for writing and this weekend wasnt much better. And audra is Still MIA... poo. Im just hoping we get it finished by this friday, at least ill feel accomplished.

See i have issues leaving work unfinished and going out and doing stuff. Call it my work ethic maybe, or my insanity, but if a story is not done i cant rest till it is. I cant hangout till it is. Like all night last night i was having visions of things for the SECOND fallen book.. it was insanity. Once the book is done i can let the stress level go down a couple notches i think. Lord knows i need it.

So its back to work and hopefully Audra will pop her ass on here soon and we can get down to Casis.


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