Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Finished... well sort of..

Soft Edge is now "Finished". At 96,315 and still needing about 5-7k in bulking this is going to be our longest book ever to date. Im happy with what we have, but i know it can be better, which is why our awesome beta readers have been inlisted to help us figure it out. i would hate to get it to over kill you know?

Book two is already in the works, can you believe it? Sam, our perfect Anti-hero is back in this one, and i think hell be in all of them, or at least to book three. Im so excited about this... Still we dont know where to send it. Kensington is a possibility, as is Samhain(i know right?), EC and New Concepts. All of them will do the book and the series right i think.

honestly to have three novel series out will be a dream come true. Im dying right now, even getting this chance at all. Its such a wild time.

So friday is fun day in jersey, and saturday too. Lots of awesome authors will be at the signing on saturday so im looking forward to expanding my signed book collection. But Friday is going to be a lot of fun i think, so looking forward to it...


Suzette said...

Tired MUCH! LOL. I cant wait for this story. I like the bulk. More for me to enjoy. Take it essy. See you Sat.

Tempest Knight said...

Woohoo! Congrats on finishing the story! I can't wait to read it. NCP is a really good publisher for what I've heard.