Thursday, October 19, 2006


So as you can see i have uploaded a new template for the bloggy. I like it. I love it actually. I have uploaded a new webby and myspace too to match. Yeah I'm excited. October is going well.

So we have about 25k on the second fallen book, currently titled A Bitter Kiss of Chaos, and i am enjoying it. Heres to hoping the series pans out. Im enjoying it, and it seems our beta's have been enjoying the first book too. that makes me happy. Like we did something right.

OOh and im excited cuz we are on the website for the RT convention as attending authors. thats just cool you know? I mean seeing our names for the first time somwhere so cool. Im so looking forward to RT this coming year. With Audra in the states for two weeks im actually going to get to hangout with my sister for a while, along with hanging out at RT with her. And i get to meet my soon to be Brother in law Finally. April is going to be a lot of fun, and im looking forward to it more then the holidays.

So back to work. Im sure ill have more fun things to say soon...