Thursday, January 04, 2007

New year... and soon a new compy.

Well the back light on my lappy blew. Im supposing itsmy fault for always havning it on. So we ordered mea new onw from Tiger direct. It should be here in a fewdays. Whats good anout that is that Ill be able to change the layout on this here bloggy to match the new webby. All snakes and apples and original sin.... Yeah we figured we might as well embrace our Snake-i-ness...

We have our release dates for our books this year, and that means aud and i have a shit load of work to do, im just thanking the powers that be that most of them are atleast halfway finished. Just proves we have a lot to do and less time to do it in.

We have been getting some fantastic reviews though, Surrender, Sugar and Glamour are all doing rahter well... I just hope the people that have read it enjoy it.

OOh and we have a new messageboard! and i gotta say it going to be a lot of fun once things get cracking there.

So this month its Finishing Of Crimson and Collars and Lady Luck for Phaze, as well as Edits for Fire in His Eyes.

So thats a good thing. Im looking forward to getting the Dragons out to the world, they seem to be getting pretty good responses when we do chats. Im hoping Marsh will see us with a new best seller.

Ok back to plotting and outlining for Dragons 3 and 4...

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