Sunday, January 28, 2007

Reviews.. and why i love them.

See, i'm the kinda person that doesn't have issues with reviewers. Reviews are opinions made by people, and good or bad, they are going to make you learn from your craft. Personally, i don't mind bad reviews(and we have gotten them) but i love god ones.

And i LOVE seeing that Sugar and Sin is getting such great reviews. And the reason why i love it is because we had sent it to so many publishers that told us numerous things (the worst being that the characters were uninteresting, unoriginal and the story line sucked) and that they were going to pass on it. We haven't gotten under a 3 (and that was from a person that didn't understand then scope of the book really), but most of the reviews are a 4.5 and above. The book was featured in the Fictionwise newsletter and has a new merchandising plan with bath products, candles, clothing and jewelry.

The series is a major step for us, in the literary world as well as the marketing and merchandising world and i just feel like its been good for us. I mean yes, we got oodles of rejections for the series, but in the end, we got so much more. Sure its taking a LOT of self promotions on our part, but how many book series' have a candle line and a bath products line thats not NY? it makes me hopeful, that we have the drive and the appeal to get ourselves to NY some day.

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