Friday, April 20, 2007

Days Away...

And Im not ready. Today is going to be cleaning, picture hanging, finishing packing, and doing all the necessary hooey to finish up everything. I swear i always bite off more then i can chew.
With everything going as is, Im very excited, and I get to see Aud very soon!

Silk and Steel is now out for review to a few places that i KNOW will get me the book quickly, and that makes me happy. Im hoping that Ill get some reviews while at RT so that Ill feel a bit better about releases on the 12th. I still feel like i havent done any promo for it.

Deep Water will hopefully be finished before we leave. we are only about 4k off from target so its not so bad, but Im now stressing about it. And I really dont feel like i have gotten enough promo stuff for RT. I know Im going to forget something vital.

But on the upswing, Stargate is on tonite and I'm excited... Its my calm zone and couldnt have come back on at a better time. Im seriously thinking of skipping out of shit on friday coming at RT to hangout upstairs and watch it even though Ill be taping it with the DVDR. I know, Im a nerd.

So tomorrow is last minute shopping, making hair appointments for Aud and I, getting the loose ends tied up and generally just freaking out. Nervous? fuck yeah.

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