Monday, April 09, 2007

We got Paired!

So I was looking at the Sugar and Sin page at Amazon last night and noticed something spectacular... We got paired!!! in less then three weeks we have sold enough on Amazon to get paired up with another book (which right now is one of Lauren Dane's books) and we really wanna say thank you! I know a lot of authors that have been out for ages on Amazon and haven't been paired yet so this is a big deal for us.

See this book is our baby... hell the series in general is our baby, and seeing it appreciated and recognized is really amazing especially when we were told it wouldn't sell. So thank you to those who have bought it and Thank you to those who are going to buy it. We cant do this alone and its you reading and buying that really makes it grand.

I have recently gotten a few IM's and emails about how much people loved the book, and i gotta say, its a major great feeling. Don't get me wrong, hearing my friends say they like it is awesome, but hearing from someone who has no clue what kinda person I am, telling me they tried the book on a whim from a recommendation from someone else, and loved it, are ravenous for more... I'm speechless.

Now its really all about promo and getting the name out there for us, and RT is going to be just the place to do it. With this new information, I'm more excited about RT, as i feel that all our efforts so far have been paying off. Its encouraging, and pushes me to do more to get more sales and work out... and its all thanks to you, the reader. so thank you.

On another up note, the Dragon Elemental series is doing great as well. We have hit #20 on the FW top erotica list and are sitting pretty at #1 on the FW MGP list. Im taking this as a major score for us, and i hope it will help push us to where we need to ultimately be for our great sales to continue, print. both series are doing good, and Sugar is doing fantastic so far in print... Im so hopeful its scary.


Candle Artist Jfay said...

How Exciting! Congrats to you! Jfay

Suzette said...

That is absolutely thrilling news and I'm so very happy for you both!