Tuesday, April 17, 2007


My sister is here in one week! Oh! Can you stand it!? Im so excited, and I still have a TON f shit to dobefore her and her hunny show up on the noon bound plane from Scotland. Then the real fun (and stress) begins.
We are almost finished with Deep Water, about 6k more and we should be done. Thats my task for today, bulk what we wrote last night, and get another part started. Im hoping that we will finish by friday. Well thats the plan anyway. I hate working under pressure, but Aud seems to thrive in it so... we compromise. Im just hoping we finish this one quickly, so in May we can finish Gifts to give to Kat for September release. thats looking at about another 45-50k added... so Im praying we do it in the month of may.
OOh and We now have Southpark Icons!

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Suzette said...

Love the icons and Im sure you have plenty of promo items for RT. Have a blast and tell Audra HI for me