Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Candle!

Isnt it amazing? Well it will look better when lit, theres a blue center, and it will glow through the "Ice" outter layer. The fantastic and wonderful JFay has designed this for us for our soon to be released Silk and Steel. Aud and I are completey insanely excited and im just tickled we now have two candles in the series. LOL now i just have to get the Dragon series candles started and all will be well.

Will i be doing a candle for the Djinn? you bet your arse. Wishbound and Gifts will each have their own 3x8 if im not mistaken, but they will only be out when the print books come out. So youll have to wait. But damn im so excited. she really captured what we wanted YET AGAIN!


Suzette said...

I love it!! Did you mention what scent it is?

Stella Price said...

no i didnt... but its Dewberry...think honeydew and blackberry


Tempest Knight said...

That's a very lovely candle, Stella. *g*