Monday, June 11, 2007

The signing in scranton: the aftermath

We had a blast. Rene and I really need to be separated sometimes. But it was omg fun!

All the ladies that showed up, Kore, Amy(s), I moan, Woo Woo, Renee, Laura, Book whore and everyone else i met. I loved meeting everyone. We sold books, met some fun people and hand a just damn good time.

Im nervous though, Kore is reading Sugar and im SOO nervous shes going to hate it. I'm just hoping everyone that bought the book is going to enjoy it and that we don't disappoint.

AND... the borders wants us to come back too! It was just SO much fun to hangout with B and Jacki and Rene... i cant wait to do it again.

lol Im just glad im not in a lot of pictures... heh

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