Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Fall is a busy time for me. I have signings set up and a slew of events in the next few months and lord knows that its going to be wild. With everything going on, Aud and I havent written more then a few sentances in the past few weeks, but im hoping to get back to that soon.

So with the Baltimore event inching ever closer, have been getting all my preparation done by way of filling the goodie bags, painting my book displays, ordering my posters, packing and ironing my table cloths(with Lavender linen spray, lol) and basically just going crazy.

I have heard that the new version of Sugar and Sin is amazing looking in both cover and insides... and that makes me happy, and hopeful for the future of the book and the series in print. a handsome book will sell better then a shoddy one, thats just the nature of it all, but knowing its with a new company and i have control of everything, well that makes it all the better. Im already getting things together for the booksellers that are stocking the books (promo goodies for the store) so its all in the works.

So now im back to working, and hoping no more things come up that require my attention.

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