Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Submissions open for the Tease Pub Dark Tarot line

Dark Tarot: the Major Arcana

Tease Publishing is looking for the best and wildest stories for the first open submissions contest, the Dark Tarot! With its own website, media and a wide array of specialties, Tease Publishing has committed itself to making this one of the most sought after series as well as independent Major Arcana Tarot decks in the world! 22 cards to choose from with some of the most fascinating and beautifully disturbing images ever to grace a themed deck!

The Dark tarot is a series of dark literature from all corners of the literary world. Erotic, Romantic, Horror, Suspense, General Fiction, Alternative lifestyles... The possibilities are endless! This series will be ongoing starting January 2008, and will start going print late 2008 through 2009.

Check out the website: to view the cards and their meanings!


All stories MUST have the theme of the tarot card you’re writing for, and has to be a dark story. Let us clarify, dark meaning: Paranormal, Horror, mystery, suspense, urban or dark fantasy, contemporary, ALL GENRES (except YA) and categories will be considered!

When writing the story you can tie the card in in several ways. 1) using the meaning provided, 2) using a meaning that implies the artwork, 3) using the card itself in the story. Some cards fit certain themes better then others, and we are looking for the best fit for each card.

25-100k in length; please submit only ONE STORY PER CARD. Stories that are longer will be individual books, while the shorter ones will be considered for anthology print books (no more the 5 shorts in a card print book.) So… you have a chance to be a Tarot author one of two ways! There are no limits to how many stories you send, but if chosen you will only be chosen for either a Novel or a Short.

We are NOT looking for:

* Bestiality (weres are NOT counted in this!)

* Pedophilia. Period.

* Necrophilia (Vampires do not count, nor do ghouls or zombies)

* Any bodily waste including water sports

* Incest

* Serious injury, rape or snuff portrayed in a positive light

* Stereotypes of a derogatory nature

Please don’t send any.

Submissions open September 1st -October 31st

Winners will be announced by December 1st 2007

When submitting:

~ Cover letter (please make sure to include your publishing history, If any, and your website address!)

~ Full final polished manuscript OR if writing longer then 40k first 3 chapters and full Synopsis

~RTF format only, .5 all around, Justified

~Indicate What card you are trying for in the subject line in this format:

Card Name, Author, Title, Length

~ Marketing Plan (what are YOU going to do to help promote this series and your chosen card?) ***Please note that If a Marketing Plan isn’t submitted with your submission you will NOT be read.***

This series has a full marketing plan already in effect. If your selected as an author please know that we will ask that you do promotions for the series and the individual cards that includes Chats, interviews, signings (once we go print), blogging and myspacing.

Submit to:

*****Permission to Forward Granted*****

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