Saturday, September 01, 2007

So i think its about time i said my peace...

So with al the BS floating about with the MGP crap, i have tried to keep my mouth shut and deal with what I know. Its been hard, but theres nothing to be done about it. See when i went through the Bullshit of pulling in May, i did my homework, and i researched the shit out of this. I pulled because of SEVERAL breaches of contract, and i did so cleanly. I tried to warn people, tried to get the information to the "Right" people and it did me no good. No one listened, no one cared, and I got shit talked about Audra and I several times when we pulled because of our own "unethical" practices of not being a "team player" and the worst was being accused of being a "primasdonna". Well Im not, and shit was still being talked up until what I said would happen did. Well needless to say i feel like fucking Casandra. No one listened, and that's fine.
As of this point I know i will never receive my money for the print books i sold. i wont ever receive the money for the books i sold on FW and ARE. is that fair? No. But theres nothing i can do except let people know what the facts are. Its sad though that not one person listened to a word i said. Now they are all going to get fucked, Grabbing their ankles on their lawns, and when it comes down to it, its all because of a shady business deal. Im not playing those games anymore.Im too into my career and getting ahead, but the RIGHT way.
I promote, i do signings and i sell my ass off so i can get ahead and get the things i deserve. Im a big fan of fair.
So this is what i have to say about MGP: I got fucked. I hope Karma does a number on her for the shit she pulled with honest and hardworking authors. But Im not giving up anything else... And i only hope that Karma helps me out in the long run.

there i said it.

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Nonny said...


For what it's worth, I believed you. I'd not been impressed with MGP from the beginning, and I'd always had a bad feeling. But, you can't base much on a "feeling." *sighs at the rest of the mundane world*

I'm sorry you went through so much hell. I had a bad experience with a publisher, too, but it didn't involve money ("just" verbal abuse), and I don't dare go public about it even though I know there are a lot of people who have had similarly bad experiences. We're all afraid of being black-balled because the publishers have their fingers in many pieces of the e-publisher pie. I can't say anything more in an open forum.

I hope Tease turns out to be a better proposition for you. *hugs!*