Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lots to do to get ready for a book tour

So this coming weekend is the last weekend i have to be normal till the middle of November. Why? BOOK TOUR! yay! I'm rather excited about it too. Finally i get to get out there and hock my wares to an unsuspecting public. The dates i have set up are first rate, a bunch of bookstores and a few events... This is going to be a really really fun time.

And i just found out Im going to be doing two days of goodness at the NYCIP expo in December. two days hanging out at the ARe table selling both print and e books with some awesome and fabulous authors. SO cant wait.

And Im already starting to set up 2008's signing tour. We are looking at the Philadelphia Book Fest, the Milbrook Literary Fest and other events as well as RT and a lot of instore signings. I LOVE setting this stuff up. I mean its almost as fun as actually doing the signings, and its like I'm back in the promoter business. LOL.

So this weekend is the end of normalcy. I have to start, come Monday, to get the table stuff together, and start packing the goodie bags and gift basket. I cant wait for the 30th to see Tilly an Cat and Bonnie and Denise and Yvette. this is going to be a awesome time.


Suzette said...

Wish I could make the 30th. Seeing what I can do about the 13 of OCT. Fingers crossed!

Anna said...

Man, I'd kill to live on the East Coast right about now. LOL! Hope the book tour is a great success! :)

readingissomuchfun said...

WooHoo! Have a wonderful book tour Stella. I can't wait to meet you and the others on the 30th. I will be there so looking forward to meeting you again. Hey btw be ready for pictures LoL.