Tuesday, September 11, 2007

work work work.

Yeah thats about all i do. Getting ready for signings and releases that are all thrust on you at once is hard as hell. And now im thinking of redoing the Frost and Flame cover for the January release. I swear i give myself too many projects. Not that i dont like it, my brain needs to keep stimulated or else i go into a funk. Like i was in SC. I knew i had to work but it was so damn difficult. I have decided that I dont like vacations because it stands for me not working for a lengthy period of time. Ill stick to weekends off thank you very much.
So I just found out that Gifts and The Soft Edge of Midnight will be out October 1st. Two NOVELS at once. Its unheard of with us! and then, WISHBOUND comes out in october as well. Needless to say this is going to be a taxing month ahead, what with every weekend signings and weekly promotions to do to get the books selling at ARe.
OOh and Im going to do the ARE table at the Small PRess Expo BOTH DAYS! yep, im so excited, and Ill be handling some of the scheduling for them for the weekend too. SOOO excited! I have been looking forward to going to this event since we started writing, which in essence is a smaller more concentrated version of BEA. this is going to be a good time.
The Tease Dark Tarot stuff is coming along nicely. Im eager to see who tease chooses for this, And who gets the sexy cards! this is a lot of fun working with them on this promotion.
Today is mail day. I have to go to the PO and send out a CRAP load of mail to the places im doing signings with. tools of the trade so to speak. I hope they all do well.
Ok well thats my time here. I need to get back to work so Aud and I can get back to Cash and Faris.

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