Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Silk and Steel is finally released!

Silk and Steel: A Tale of the Eververse
By Stella and Audra Price
Genre: Urban Dark Fantasy Romance
Book Two of the Eververse
print ISBN: 978-1-934678-15-2
Ebook Price: 4.99
Print: 12.99

Goaded into doing a favor for his best friend, Arcady Morrison, Incubus and Hit man, Enters Russia even though he’s got a price on his head to find His Best friend’s only living family, His cousin Alice. Given a pass for safe passage by the second prince of the Conglacio, Prince Dimitri, Arcady thinks this will be an easy in and out job, After all it’s the Princes Brothels he’s got to search in order to find the girl, The prince being the premiere Pimp in Russia. If she’s in Russia, she’s in Dimitri’s Employ. Stuck in a cold and frozen land, he’s about to meet the girl of his dreams.

Book two in the Eververse Series pulls no punches and shows how wild, crazy, brutal and unhinged real love can be.

See what People are saying about Silk and Steel:

Their characters were well developed and understandable. I totally love how very intricate and enmeshed the world they’ve created is. This story had fear, sadness, bravery, brutality, happiness, and of course love. I found it to be quite an interesting and satisfying read. I would highly recommend it to anyone, but especially, to anyone familiar with their Eververse! Way to go, Ladies and keep-em coming.

5 Lyra, Valerie Eisiminger, RORR Reviews

Once again the Price Sisters have taken their unique world and characters and created a world that not only pulls you in, but holds you and won't let go until the last page. Dark fantasy that is fulfilling, sensual and sexy at the same time is the trademark that Stella and Audra Price have developed superbly. I will be counting the days until the next chapter in this universe. My advice is to have a nice drink and curl up in a comfy chair before you start Silk and Steel because you won't be getting up until it's done.

~Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

I loved the way these authors have created their characters. They’re not the usual hero and heroines, especially Snow and Arcady, but they are lovable nonetheless. Edgy, different and very good at what they do, these characters will leave you captivated by their ways and grateful that it isn’t you they’re after.

~5 stars, Sheryl, Ecata Sensual

SILK AND STEEL is scorching hot! Stella and Audra Price demonstrate the true depth of the Eververse series with this incredible sequel. Don't miss out on SILK AND STEEL as this aptly named book is a hit!

~ 4.5 Klovers, Anne, CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

Warning: this title contains graphic scenes of sex as well as torture and violence. Reader discretion is advised!

Silk and Steel: A Tale of the Eververse
Available in E book
In Print September 15th 2007
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