Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Im off!

Yep! today is the day! I'm getting ready as I type, making sure everything is packed, everything is printed, and all my documentation is ready to go. I still have to close my compy down to bring it with me, and pack my compy bag with stuff Ill need for the plane ride, but its less to do then I thought. Last night I repacked, took out stuff I knew I wouldn't be wearing, and while it was scant, it did lighten the load.

My carry on is still pretty heavy but thats due to the damn glass votive's I have to bring for the wedding. And we just found out that the Mongreen, the hotel we were having the reception at, has Asbestos *they have been doing construction to fix the wing that exploded with the boiler* and now the wedding party cant stay there, nor can anyone else. they have to close the damn place. Aud is a mess, or gutted as she said... and Now I have to hold that stress for her. Not good. Ugh it never ends.

So as you can see, surprises around every corner. So if your reading this, be sure to pop by the Authors After Dark blog, Im giving away a print copy of GIFTS to a lucky commenter.

I'm off! Wish me luck!