Monday, June 09, 2008

Ready. Totally.

Well Im finally packed, my boarding pass is printed, my passport is ready and Im less then 24 hours from seeing my sister. WOO. needless to say its going to be a good time. Still, Im nervous about flying alone, though as far as says, I have a full row to myself for the flight. So thats cool, I can stretch out.

I have a book, Maggie Shayne's Lovers Bite, and I'm bringing the notebook to get down all the craziness when i need to write stuff down. My new video camera has a voice recorder as well, so that should be fun.

Still, I'm sad I'm leaving home for the month. I'm leaving Joe behind, hes got a small tour with his band he couldn't pass up, and I support that. Not going to see him for 21 days is going to suck major. We have been together for a little over 5 years and we haven't ever been apart this long.
And I'm going to be away from mum and the moo. Don't get me wrong Momma Angela, my sisters mum, will be in Scotland for me to see, but its still not the same as my mum.

And the moo is not happy. He sees the luggage and has been growling at me for no good damn reason. Since I'm always home with him, I know hes going to miss me, and hes going to be hella pissed when i get home.

On the bright side, I get to see Zorro, Pimms, Petey, Katie, Ninja... Oh thats all Audra's pets. I'll put video up for them, so you can see too.

So... This going to be quite an adventure, and I am looking forward to it, if a little sad I'm going to be be starting it alone.

OOH and today is Johnny Depp's birthday. Happy birthday Hottie.

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