Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Scotland, books and Storycasting.com

So im still in the lad of scots. Its great, beautiful, and im going to have SO much research done for the next few books. Aud and I have decided on a new writing regime, starting the last week in July. I think it should work really well. So London for the Holidays will be done and ready to go before September. Looking forward to that.

Gifts was pushed back a week, so it will be out the 23rd, next monday. So if your waiting for it in print *i know I am* then get your bum to Phaze on monday and order it from them!

OOH and If you have read our books, please stop by storycasting.com and register and CAST OUR BOOKS! thats right its a fantabulous promo opp, but in order for it to work, you guys gotta pop by and CAST the books! Even if you cast it exactly as we do, it still helps! So pop by http://www.storycasting.com and help us out.

Im off to See 5 castles... Ill pop some piccys on once we get back!

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