Monday, October 06, 2008

I love working on books

yes, Audra and I have been pretty prolific these past few days. We are eagerly working on a book that's blossoming so well, but we will have to go back through and ass a lot of discription and emotion. I'm really excited its going to well though.

This past weekend was Collingswood, the book festival. We did pretty darn good, and had a damn good time. Sold some books, met some awesome people, and gave away a bunch of books to a few libraries. It was a damn fine thing to say the least.

So this week is a lot more writing. Audra and I are hoping to cap another 20k by friday. If we do, we will be in pretty good shape for a first draft of this book. By November 1st im looking to have this first draft done and we are rolling into bulking it up, and edits. Not a hard thing considering how hard we are hitting this one.

This weekend Im going to be in Albany for the AlbaCON convention. Im going to be on several panels including Sex in Fantasy, Urban Fantasy 101 and my personal favorite, BRittish SFF shows and why america is in love with them. WOOO. So excited. Im also on a New Author Mentoring panel, and I have a signing on Saturday at noon. It should be a lot of fun, but damn if i dont need to actually go shopping for clothes that dont scream "punk rock." No im not changing my appearance, Im just toning it down a notch, gotta be professional you know. LOL.

After this weekend we have one more signing, Nov. 1st, and then I am done till January. Though to be honest Come Nov. 5th Ill be back to setting up the signings for the next year all over again. Damn vicious cycle.

On the upswing, Im doing new hobbies. Im making steampunk jewelry. Joe's dad is a big watch colector , and hes got tons of old broken moving parts and cogs and the like. I figured it should be pretty good to have a ready supply of parts so why not use them. So be on the lookout for my new jewelry... Im still thinking of if i should create a company around it.

So thats it from our end. Im off to write some more, and get some mail ready to go to the post office. its going to be a wild week ahead. Oh and October 10th... Ill be blogging at AAD and giving away some goodies... stop by.

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