Friday, October 24, 2008

updates and all that jazz.

Audra and I are about 61k into the new book and its full steam ahead. I do really love this book, and the characters are becoming more real to me every day. I think its good to have a world outside the Eververse, so that we can escape when the monotony starts to set in.

I'm ill again, no surprise given the time of year, but I'm doing much better. We have a signing next Saturday, last of the year, in Middletown NY. I'm hopeful we get a much better turnout this time. I still need to send out the Info on myspace and such. *shrug*

And I have stared doing steampunk jewelry. Im opening a Etsy shop soon, once i get enough stuff to add to the shop that is. Still deciding on a name for it though. Any insights will be welcome.

Audra and I are still waiting on submissions... and as usual, we are antsy panty about it. We recently got a rejection that made NO SENSE considering they told us the book WASNT romance, then told us that the book would be much better suited for Category rather then single title. Yeah, oh and we were 1.2k shy of their work cap. Yeah, I know. We are baffled as well. *Sigh* I think I would have appreciated it more if they just said "Snakes scare me and Im comfortable publishing anything having to do with them." *sigh*

So im back to writing. See you guys soon

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Suzette said...

What is steampunk jewelry? BTW, looking forward to hearing more about new book ya'll writing, hope you're feeling better, sorry I havent stopped in, and wish you the best in all endeavors.