Friday, May 08, 2009

it is almost time.

Yes, this books is one scene away from being put to bed. After the awesome talk we had with our CP, she gave us some insight and we decided to add two more scenes to the book to really round it out and answer some hanging questions. I'm hoping this will make the book better in the long run, but we will just have to wait to see what everyone things.

So today I'm writing the cover letter, blurb and hoping for the best. I suck canal water at writing a cover letter, and I always get it wrong. Too many templates to what you need, and I'm not a natural marketer (I know right? Me?). I just cant sum shit up, and If I can then I personally feel the writer (or myself) didn't intrigue me enough for my mind to play out all possibilities. So it looks like Im going to need help with this, as usual. And before you say, 'well, you got aud' Aud cant write a business letter any better then we are. we are creative, and I find cover letters too limiting. Still, it must be done, so Im going to start plugging away at it shortly, once I get my ducks in a row.

Everything for AAD is also going awesome. If your thinking about going, DO. The authors we have signing up for it are freaking amazing, and the surprises and goodies we have in store for you are well worth the pittance it costs to go to this event. Check everything out HERE.
We are still waiting on edits for the second snake book, and if you havent read the first, please go and pick it up and leave us a review. But if you dont like snakes, give it a chance ok, I swear they arent gross or icky.

OOh and thanks to the awesome chicks from last night that helped me come up with a name for the book and the series. Kimmy, Amiee, Judy and Kay, LOVE you guys. It helped a lot and Im running it all by Audra today.

So its back to work for me. I have lots to do and less time to do it in. Why? because today is STAR TREK DAY!!!!

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