Monday, May 18, 2009


yes, I'm happy to say that our submission for the new series we are developing is off to its requested submission. I'm nervous, and scared and hell freaked out. The CP we have (who is the COOLEST EVA!) loved the book the second time through after we added to it, and I feel good about that. I just hope this submission is well liked by the person that requested it. Here is hoping.

So my birthday is 5 days away. T minus 5 days till I'm rocking 30. And guess what I did today? I bought myself Fea Bea Ugly Doll. Yep. Happy birthday to me. I'm a happy girl. WOO.

Ooh and edits for Surrender in Moonlight are done, and the book will be available June 22nd. I hope you will consider picking it up. Its a naughty little story (much more erotic then the first one) and we love Reece. LOL.

So I guess its bed time. I have a weak stomach and don't know if I will be able to sleep. Crap. I should have done this in Feb when i wasnt sleeping much. On the upswing, I can finish the covers I have on my plate tomorrow. Nite.

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