Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tomorrow... Dun dun dun dun!

Well. One more day. and I'm 30. Yeah. Not excited. But I did get my hair cut yesterday, short, and it looks cute. Its much better for the summer. Just have to keep up with it. Or chemically straighten it. Either way, I will be cute throughout July.

We got our edits for Daybreak, and need to add some sex, Surprise surprise. See Audra and I get bored of writing sex for some books, so this is going to be like pulling teeth, but we will get it done and back to our super awesome editor in about a week and a half. I cant wait to see the cover for the book.

OOH and Surrender in Moonlight will be out June 22nd. Mark your calendar. Its hot.

I'm also excited because we will be finishing Masquerade in the next two weeks and sending it to Holly for edits. Finally, you guys will know and love the brothers of the first house of Conglacio, Oscar and Drake. And YES, you WILL love Drake. And yes, we will have it for AAD this year. Cant wait for that.

So what will we be working on this summer? Book two of our most recent series, Moongardens, and A Bitter Kiss of Chaos. Also, we will be working on some shorts for Janey and Marsh, Arcady and Snow and Barbas and Illithen. So be on the lookout.

So Im off to the grocery store, gotta get ready for todays BBQ and buy some alcohol so i can deal with my crazy ass family.

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