Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Interviews from the Edge: Levet the gargoyle

Hello everyone! I’m here today with my favorite gargoyle eva, Levet. He has been gracious enough to come and talk with us today and give us all more of a peek into what makes him, him.

Embrace the Darkness. This book also features the ever sexy vamp Viper, and Levet’s besty, Shay, a Shallot demon. Since Embrace, Levet has had cameo’s through the rest of the books, and has made reading them more of an enjoyment. I always wait for a Levet scene. I’m ever so excited I get to chat with him now.

SP: Hi Levet! Glad you were up for this. Can you tell everyone a little about yourself?

Bonjour!! I am happy, of course, to speak about myself. I am, after all, a most fascinating subject who has led a life of adventure and extraordinary bravery. To be honest, I am shocked that I have not yet had my beautiful face gracing the cover of Time. Or at least the centerfold of Playgirl. Ah well. In time my true glory will be shared with the world.
So…about me. I am a powerful gargoyle, although I was rudely and quite unjustly forced from the Gargoyle guild since I am vertically challenged. As if being three foot tall is not enough. The world could not bear my splendor if I were any larger. Unfortunately I have been forced to fend for myself, until I met Shay, who has made me a part of her family. I prefer to ignore the unpleasant fact she is mated to a vampire. No one’s perfect, well…except for me.

SP: How old are you?

The cathedral of Notre Dame was still just a dream when I blessed the world with my birth.

SP: How does it feel to the unsung hero of the Guardians of Eternity series?

So typical that the cold-hearted leeches would pig (wait, Shay insists I must use the word hog) hog all the glory. Still, it is something of a tradition for the truly great heroes to work incognito. Just look at Batman. Or of course, Superman. Although I am far more handsome than either.

SP: So how’s the magic coming along? Several times you have used your powers and they have had varied effects, is it getting more stable?

*Clears throat* It might be a teensy weensy bit unpredictable, but of course, it is wondrous to behold. And do not listen to anything Jagr might have to say concerning my magic. The cold-blooded bastard is simply jealous.

SP: How are things at home with Shay and Viper? Any good stories?

Ah, Shay is always a delight. So sweet and charming. Which makes her devotion to Viper all the more puzzling. Of course, he can be fun upon occasion. Just the other day he taught us all how to curse like an ancient Viking when he discovered I had a small mishap with his Bugatti.

SP: So I always wanted to know, when you go all stony during the day, what’s it like? Is it sleep? Or is your mind away and traveling?

I actually have no memory of being a statue. Sweet oblivion.

SP: So here’s some questions just all about you.

SP: Your favorite food?
Ox. Still on the hoof.

SP: Your favorite movie?
la cage aux folles.

SP: Who do you like better, Viper or Cezar?

Ew. That is like asking if I prefer turnips or brussel sprouts. In my opinion, the only good vamp is one who has the good taste to remain in his crypt where he belongs.

SP: What are your hobbies?

Being a Knight in Shining Armor leaves me little time for hobbies, but I do plan to take over Howie Mandel as host of Deal or No Deal when I am done rescuing damsels in distress. That seems like a sweet gig with all those beautiful women.

SP: Summer or Winter?

Summer. Winter is so hard on my skin.

SP: Clear skies or rain?


SP: We know you are a terrible flirt, which makes you that much more loveable, but what do you consider romantic?

A cozy room with a warm fire, a bottle of wine (French, of course) and a lovely water sprite who knows how to stroke a gargoyles wings.

SP: So do you make an appearance in Darkness Unleashed? Is it a small part or did Alex relent and give you a bigger part?

My role is far larger, and I am essential in the rescue of Regan, but as usual I must play second fiddle to a vampire. I will say that I at last…ah no, I must say no more. My lips are sealed.

SP: Tell us a secret, something telling about you as a gargoyle.

There are few people who know that gargoyles have been worshiped by many for our ability to bestow fertility. Yet another reason for women to adore me.

SP: Now I think it’s a great affront that Alex doesn’t have you as a character on her website. Why do you think that is?

She is so terribly bourgeoisie, always fussing over those vampires and werewolves. So what if they are all tall, and gorgeous, and oozing sensuality? It takes a woman of exquisite taste to appreciate a gargoyle.

SP: Now I know other gargoyles aren’t as cool as you, so tell us a little about your heritage and what means the most to you, being a gargoyle.

Ah, most people assume because of our frightening exterior that we must be stupid, unfeeling beasts. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Certainly there are some gargoyles who are brutish and incapable of finer feelings, but many are quite artistic and sophisticated. Indeed, it well known among the demon world that it was a gargoyle who actually painted the Sistine chapel.

SP: Anything else you want to add?

It is rumored that Levet will not be making an appearance in the anthology that Ms. Ivy is currently writing. This travesty must not be allowed. For those of you who wish to save the silly woman from utter disaster, you can send an email to alexandraivy @ yahoo dot com and tell her that you demand your favorite gargoyle.


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Most amusing… I do wish Levet had gotten more page time in Darkness Reveled. I have such a soft spot for the little guy. Here’s hoping he gets more then a cameo appearance in Darkness Unleashed.