Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Secret Project...


Yes, I know We had one before and its out at pubs right now so keep your fingers crossed. For this one though, we went in a totally new direction and I love this. My project notebook is quickly filling up.

We are almost finished with Satyr book 2, which we have renamed To Collar and Keep is about 29k finished. We need to add a bit in though, and it looks like it will end up around 35-40k, so we are happy with that. With Of Crimson and Collars coming out next month, we are trying hard to finish this and get it to our editor.

So this weekend starts my crazy fall season. Im driving to Ohio for CONTEXT this weekend, If your in the area, come to the event and see me on saturday from 12-2pm on Saturday. I will be signing, and you will have a chance to get Masquerade. Next weekend is Farmington CT with the ever fun Jessica Andersen and Kathryn Smith and friends, If your close to there, come and hangout, we will have baked goods and candy!

After that its, Cheesefest in Monroe NY on the 12th, RenFaire on the 19th and then I finally have a weekend off. October brings the Collingswood Book Fest on the 3rd, and AlbaCon on the 9-11th. Then I have a weekend to get ready for Audra coming on the 20th. But that week is going to be insane with getting everything for AAD together and done before Aud gets here so I can spend time with her in NYC. Once the AAD weekend is over I can breathe easy, but I think I over scheduled myself.

Ooh and we have two shorts we are almost finished with. Not sure when you will see them, or where, but we know you will love them. Short dirty little stories...

Ok well I gotta get ready for tonites concert, the last show in NYC for the NIN goodbye tour. *sniff* But Im going to enjoy it and its going to kick ass.


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