Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Writing, writing, writing... I love days like today.

So we have another idea, a secret project we are developing. Audra and I are so excited. I'm hoping this is the one that we say BING, its the one. the idea is so simple, and whats more, no one is doing this yet in romance. I'm ever hopeful.

And we are working on another of the stories for the snakes. Yes, this one will probably end up being a novella, something that will happen between some other stories in the novel series. I'm very excited about it, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hero.

We are also hard at work at finishing Satyrs two, Harlequin and Arabella's story, what we have named Of Beauty and Bonds. I really like how this one is coming out, and I hope the readers take to this story as well as we have. the Satyrs are a naughty bunch of guys, but Oh so sexy.

And we are writing a short for another character you guys would have just met if you have read A gift of Daybreak. We arent sure where its going to be used, in the next Eververse book or if its getting its own publication, but OMG is he a naughty naughty guy.

So it is back to writing. With Of Crimson and Collars on the horizon, Im getting my ducks in a row to present a very cool contest for the release. Keep your head up, this is one you are going to WANT to win!


Isabelle Santiago said...

Wow, Stella. You are a busy bee! How awesome that you've got so many things rolling along smoothly. Wishing you much writing mojo! :)

Suzette said...

You never seem to stop for air! Wow! Hope all works out well with the secret project you and Audra have going!