Monday, October 12, 2009

8 days!

Well I have been wild from this weekend. AlbaCon was fun, the people I met, the ladies I hungout with, the panels i was on and the fun book signings rocked. Everyone I met (Jan, Debi, Darlene, Kaity, Debra,) and the ones I know (Jess Andersen, Jackie Kessler, Susan Crowley and Toni Andrews) was great and I had a ball. Oh and my pictures all came out like crap. Poo. But on the upswing, I figured out the flash on my camera, two years late I know, but it works now. Teach me to read the goddamn manual. LOL.

Audra is going to be here in 8 days. Im already a bundle of nerves and have NOTHING ready for her to be here. Yes, Stella is not organized and ready for something- this is it people! Armageddon! Honestly though I got almost everything ready, so its not too bad. I will be cleaning most of this week and weekend, and I'll be picking her smarmy pregnant ass up on next Tuesday morning just before noon. Yes, life is good.

AAD is so close as well, I'm really excited that its finally going to happen. I got my awesome costume, and I cant wait to take pictures of me in it because its ultra lush. I love Brandi and bow to her costuming skills! Just wait till you guys see her Etsy store. OMG your all going to want your own Brandi creations.

Well must get back to the grind of working. I'll be updating again before the end of the week!


C. Margery Kempe said...

Great to see you at Albacon! Much fun -- wish I could attend AAD, but maybe next year. Have a great time!


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