Tuesday, October 20, 2009

today is the day!

Audra is on a plane on her way over, and I'm getting ready to hot the AAD hotel to bring all the stuff over (Seriously not the most convenient of times but i have already accepted this). Audra will be touching down a little before noon, so this is my final blog of the week, I think. If your going to AAD, you will see us Friday, but I will try to update our bloggy before, and or our twitter.

Its craziness, seeing her again after a little more then a year, but I cant wait to hangout. We are a little restricted, what with her being 5 months preggers, but it should be fine. So wish us luck in NYC, and for those of you coming to AAD, we will see you then!


Suzette said...

Have a wonderful time with Aud and AAD!

KimLinh said...

YEA!!!! See you guys on Friday!

Anna said...

Sadly I can't make it. But hope you guys have a wonderful time. :)

Lady Caella said...

Hey dear friend,

I've heard you guys had a fabulous time. Sorry to have missed it, but I will definitely try to be there next year.