Monday, October 05, 2009

Info on aad... and other issues.

Lots going on this month. Serious lots. Craziness. Aud and I are writing up a storm, we have had some choices to make by way of a few MS's and some inside information. Its going to be good.

So Lemme get this outta the way now, and If you dont like my opinion then dont read my posts:

I could give a FLYING FUCK about the Polanski bullshit. It happened ages ago and its just rehashing the past. What bothers me is that son of a bitch Michael Vick is back playing footbal with not so much as a fucking slap on the wrist! Yes, I care more for the animals that cant defend themselves against asshole humans who feel the need to make them mean and fight each other. Michael Vick should have been shot in the head, as an example for people who hurt animals. Extreme? To me, not in the least. Had I been on that jury I would have played the 12 angry men game to push for the death penalty and thats no guff. Now that that muther as back playing ball, its like his sins didnt happen, and thats not cool. All his money for the next 10 years should go to animal rescue and rehabilitation centers, and that's me thinking hes getting off lightly. The SOB didnt even have to serve time in a place where he could see the effects of his negligence. So I think we need to be concerned with a system that lets both types of predators go without much of an issue, we need to rethink shit. But Michael Vick should pay for the rest of his life for causing fear and harm. It sucks we don't have the same laws for animal offenders that we have for human offenders.

So that said, you don't agree, that's your choice. This is something close to my heart and I think the Son of a bitch should pay till the day he dies.

Now that my issues have been aired, Lemme tell you guys that if your coming to AAD, Your going to have SO MUCH to go home with! Just you wait. My bedroom in my condo looks like Im a freaking storage facility, but OMG have I got the sneak peeks on all the awesomeness. With the amount of mini events, goodies and free books we will be giving out you will be so excited.

Ooh and guess what? the Pantheon Authors are doing a cool alcohol fueled mini event called An Evening with Ambrosia. Readers will have the chance to sample the drink of the gods, and get a bunch of goodies that are from the gods, meet the authors and get the books. Cool right? We thought so.

So Im back to writing, I have to finish at least 2k today. Lates.

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