Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birthdays and updates!

Today is Audra's 26th birthday. My little sister is growing up so fast! LOL. She is still preggers, and is a week overdue, do today starts Operation Evacuation, cuz shes tired of being pregnant. We told her balsamic vinegar on her salad and all will be well. Shes also eating pineapple curry to bring on the labor. Personally I think shes crazy, I would wanna hold back that shit cuz I'm a pussy when it comes to pain. So happy birthday Audra, 26 is a damn good year!

Everything is done for RT on my end, pins have arrived, packages have been made, and everything has been packed. I swear if I wasnt this organized nothing would get done. Im going to be at a few more cons this year, LunaCon, BaltiCon, ConTEXT and AlbaCon, as well as AAD. So much fun, I love con season! I'll be promoting Entwined by Fate mostly, as well as the demons.

Audra and I talked last night for over an hour, and I'll be on the phone with her today. It looks like we will be working through email (So VERY slowly) on Drakes book and a short story about a fallen angel and a regular angel in NYC. I'm happy that she couldn't stay away. Shes creative and needs the creative outlet. Yay for that.

I have been writing on the Dagmar end, and have gotten a lot put to paper so to speak, so I'm happy that those characters are talking.

Ooh and get this... Tease is going to be giving away free books through ARe the first week of March. You will be able to get Sugar and Sin for free for 24 hours! Stay tuned for the day. Tease will be giving away books from: Selena Illyria, Tilly Greene, Diana Castilleja, Dorlana Vann, Kayleigh Jamison, Cat Johnson, Diane Merlin, Karen Michelle Nutt, Desiree Lee, Cara North and one short by Dagmar Avery. Its a great way to get hooked on new authors So STAY TUNED!

Thats All, Im still thinking about doing this weekends Sexy Saturday sex scene... not sure if I should or not. we will see.



crystal glass said...

happy birthday

SiNn said...

Happy birthday hun! anddd im soo soooo glad that shes back and the creative juices r flowing you both truely rock

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Audra!! Hope the birth goes well too :o)

Tamsyn said...

Happy Birthday, Audra! And I hope everything will go smoothly with the birth.
Take care,