Sunday, March 07, 2010

Fun stuff this week! Read and E book Week!

Hey all! So this is 'Read and E Book Week' and we are participating in a couple of REALLY cool promotions this week!

First, This week at All Romance E Books, Tease Publishing is doing a full week of free books! Thats right, the publisher is setting up 2 titles a day for readers to down load for free (thats 2 different ones per day, and they are available for 24 hours) And yes, we have a book in the mix! On march 10th you will be able to get a free copy of Sugar and Sin, the first in our Eververse Demon series, that has been getting amazing acclaim from both readers and reviewers alike! This is the starting point of all out books, so get it for free and fall in love with all our characters!

The Tease free books this week are as schedules:
March 8th:
Selena Illyria's Runaway (IR/Scifi)
Diana Castilleja's Trusting Delilah (Paranormal/werewolf)

March 9th:
Tilly Greene's Hephaestus Lays Down the Law (ancient gods, paranormal, erotic)
Karen Michelle Nutt's Destiny's Prerogative (paranormal, shapeshifter)

March 10th:
Kayleigh Jamison's Svetkavista (Historical other/multiple partner/glbt)
Stella and Audra Price's Sugar and Sin (Paranormal, multiple partner)

March 11th:
Cat Johnson's Erato (Ancient gods, erotica)
Diane Merlin's Mercenary Heart (Scifi, erotic romance)

March 12th:
Desiree Lee's Scorpio Risen (Paranormal/vampires/werewolves)
Dagmar Avery's Becoming Persephone (Ancient gods, erotica)

March 13th:
Dorlana Vann's Death: Jaclyn's Ghost and Passage to Messentia (paranormal/ thriller)
Cara North's Curse of the Blue Stone (erotica, pirate)

Remember guys, these books are available for their day ONLY for free, make sure you pop by and get them! Find some new authors to fall in love with!

Second, Phaze books, the publisher that has our Duvall Inc. series (that's Djinn and assassins people!) Is doing a 25% off coupon on their site starting Monday! So stop by the SITE and have at it. If you havent read the Duvall Inc. Series yet, nows the time to get it!

And dont forget, we have TONS of books I know a lot of you haven't tried out yet! I recommend
our snake shifter book, Entwined by Fate, if your going to try something of ours this week, because its sexy, wild and embodies our new career tagline: Risk-taking Romance! See how non creepy snakes can be, and fall in love with some extremely unique characters!

And dont forget the three sexy snake novella's we have with Total E bound! If you havent read our trio of cousins that find love in unlikely places, now is the time! Pop by our series page and check it all out!

Ok thats it for today, I'll be posting again on the 10th to remind you all that Sugar and Sin is free for the day!


Sparklybearsy said...

Mwahahah i already have Sugar and Sin, it's currently in my "reading right now" pile, review to follow ;)

Stella Price said...

OOH fantastic!

I cant wait to see what you say Bear!