Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Still shopping and its... theraputic. Jacket I adore.

I love this jacket. I am trying to design a costume around this jacket. I have the corset, and I'm doing a cool skirt, or rather Im having a skirt made for me by a seamstress friend that matches, But I really love the way this jacket looks. I love the buttons, and I love the fact that its cotton, which is a huge plus because you know its going to breathe. I had been apprehensive about this one because of the ruffle, but i have come to enjoy the visual aesthetic. See I LOVE jackets, I love wearing them and I have quite a collection. So this will not only work awesome for some costumes for my steam punk collection, but it will be wearable on normal times too. You can buy this jacket HERE.

So why all the clothing posts? Because I always have to talk about clothes Im going to buy offline before I do it. It helps me to decided if I really want it, If I can see myself in it. I think I need more Jackets, Especially with all the events and conventions I am doing this year.


Susan said...

Really a great jacket.

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